Masia Mas Palou - Entourisme al Penedès




To accompany the accommodation offered at Mas Palou, we also have a range of spaces available to rent, for anything from a yoga retreat, to a wedding and reception, to a concert. Let Mas Palou be the backdrop to your next perfect moment with your family and friends.




Secà D'ametlles

Let your imagination run wild in this historic room that mixes contemporary design with traditional elements. From a sun-bathed yoga class to a stunning business event, Secà D'ametlles is a go-to space for beautifully informal events.

Starting at €280 per day





A dramatically lit space lined with wine caskets, the Celler can be used as a fine dining room or even a meeting room. With lofty ceilings, a decidedly rustic feel, and enough space for a large group, consider using the Celler for your next formal event.

Starting at €500 per day




La capella

Our chapel dates back to 1623 and has stood the test of time. While some of the original interior was burned during the Spanish Civil War, the space has been renovated and is used once a year for a Mass in celebration of its patron saint, Sant James (Santiago). It is not a space for rent but we are happy to show it to you.